AccelerComm provides high performance 3GPP standards compliant low delay LDPC, Polar and Turbo channel coding for use in 4G LTE, 5G New Radio, MIMO cellular communications and other proprietary systems. AccelerComm’s offering is fully configurable and has the smallest silicon footprint, lowest power and the lowest latency in the market, delivering a 10x increase in performance. Their products cover the total processing chain including the encode / decode engine, channel interleaving, rate matching, CRC and early termination functions. AccelerComm combines world leading academic thinking with the unrivalled operational expertise of IP management and commercialisation from an ex-ARM management team.

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Crypta Labs

Crypta Labs is a quantum cybersecurity company which develops IP, hardware and related software using the quantum properties of light to secure highly critical data and communication devices embedded in critical infrastructure for the aerospace, communication, medical, military, and transport sectors. The company first developed its QRNG technology for the UK MoD for robust applications requiring it to withstand extreme external influences such as vibration and temperature fluctuations. One of its first commercial applications is for connected automotive applications in the Czech Republic, where Crypta Labs is deploying its Hardware Security Module (HSM) for PKI and PKCS11 infrastructure to meet the increased security requirements demanded of the ETSI 1.3.1 standards for EU C-Roads smart roads infrastructure.

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EVRYTHNG is the Internet of Things Smart Products Platform connecting consumer products to the Web and managing real-time data to drive applications and analytics throughout the product lifecycle. The world’s leading consumer product manufacturers work with EVRYTHNG to manage billions of intelligent identities in the cloud for their products. This enables brands to deliver digital services directly to end-users through their products, manage supply chains more effectively using real-time data and operate smart products connected to the broader ecosystem of applications and services on the Web and in the enterprise.

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Marmalade Game Studio

Marmalade Game Studio was founded on a passion and commitment to create great gameplay experiences for mobile and connected devices. Marmalade prototype, reflect, and test with target audiences to craft games that people love to play. The goal is to continuously develop compelling high quality games for the digitally distributed games market. Working together with the biggest brand names in the board games industry, they are focussed on transforming the physical world of game play into digital.

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Pharrowtech, a spinout of imec, designs wireless sub-systems for 60GHz license-free high-speed wireless applications such as Fixed Wireless Access, 5G and AR/VR. The team is one of the best RF semiconductor teams in the world, uniquely positioned to succeed in the millimeter wave space. Pharrowtech products achieve the optimal balance between price, performance and the features that really matter to the end customer. Showcasing their prototype chip at the TIP (Telecom Infra Project) London event, the Pharrowtech team demonstrated the capability of their electronically steerable phased array transceiver chip to achieve greater spectral efficiency and better power performance at a lower cost of production driven by the CMOS-based design, bringing consumer wireless applications at gigabit-per-second speeds closer to reality.

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Xanview is an IoT platform for physical security devices such as video surveillance cameras, alarms, access control, locks, networks, ePoS and many more. Xanview provides all evidence for an incident at the touch of a button, creating a more economical, time efficient and easier to use product. It makes security installers’ jobs easier and gives end users a system they actually use. Xanview is being used by police, retail stores, restaurants, offices, housing associations and various others.

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YellowDog believes that much of the world’s compute resource, both in the cloud and on-premise, is under-utilised and there is oversupply. Through its unique technology, YellowDog securely harnesses this dormant power by forming a virtualised dynamic grid of almost limitless computing resource, enabling organisations to scale computational workloads incredibly quickly and cost effectively on demand. It’s what the team at YellowDog call Limitless Compute and, for the first time, organisations are able to deliver truly deterministic workload processing to meet deadlines without expensive, inefficient and costly oversizing. There are multiple markets and applications. YellowDog started with rendering CGI in the visual effects and 3D animation industry and is now developing its next market, financial services.

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Yordex has developed a smart Purchase Order platform that enables low cost processing of invoices between customers and suppliers, by digitizing the paper based invoicing process. Highly customizable, the platform connects to bank accounts and existing accounting systems to manage all data exchange and avoid costs and lengthy implementation of a traditional accounting or ERP system upgrade. Evolving the current concepts of Smart Contracts with the context of B2B commerce and transactions in mind, the company has created a practical implementation in the form of Smart Orders. The solution has been built as a communications platform to streamline interactions between contracting parties and achieves reductions in order processing costs, introduces auditability, payment automation and enables real-time visibility into spend.

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Zeetta Networks

Zeetta Networks addresses the challenge of orchestrating software defined network (SDN) slicing in the real world of multi-vendor networks. Its core product, NetOS, is an open networking platform based on industry-standard ICT hardware and powerful orchestration software developed out of the High Performance Networking Labs of Bristol University. NetOS securely manages, automates and monitors the whole network stack from the optical WAN through to the wireless LAN, thereby increasing opportunities for service providers and enterprises to monetise bandwidth, quality of service and increase margins.

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