What is Bloc?

Bloc is an evergreen investment company, not an investment fund. It invests in early stage technology companies and has been designed and structured to identify and build on compelling investment opportunities to create long term value and mitigate risk for investors.


How’s it done?

Bloc goes beyond simply providing tech start-ups with working capital in exchange for equity. By combining the operational principles of private equity with the know-how of early stage technology investing, Bloc is able to actively manage firms and provide them with outstanding investors.


Who’s it for?

Bloc works with early stage technology companies in the Big Data, Cloud, Security and Connectivity markets which are looking at ways to maximize their potential through venture focused investment and the input of an experienced team.



Bloc is a group of experienced stakeholders who understand successful venturing, and know technology and technology investing, coming together as shareholders to build a company to make tech start-ups successful.

BLOC: noun \bläk\
a combination of persons, groups, businesses, nations, or governments forming a unit with a common interest or purpose